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Safeguard your business with 

Proactive Fraud Prevention 

Benefits and Outcomes

Previous Client Outcomes

Reduce False Positives 

With a comprehensive view of the customer, fraud teams can more accurately identify and target fraudulent activity, reducing false positives and streamlining the investigation process.

Stay Ahead of the Curve 

By combining data from various sources, a 360 customer view provides a more complete picture of customer behavior, helping fraud teams stay ahead of increasingly complex fraud schemes

Balance Security and Experience

Effective fraud prevention measures can maintain your security  while also improving the overall customer experience. Leading to increased customer trust & loyalty in your business.

Operational Efficiency

We improve the fraud prevention process, increasing operational efficiency and reduce the time and resources spent on manual fraud investigation. Saving you time and money.

Access to Industry Expertise

We offer insights and best practices based on industry expertise. Effectively preventing and detecting fraud, to protect your business and customers, and saving you time and money in the long run.

Meet the Expert 

Austin Lee has been a AML and cyber fraud prevention expert for over +8 years. Austin's mission goal is to provide cutting edge solutions and simple strategies to prevent fraud. 


Saved his clients more than +$250M to date

 7 Awards for Fraud Prevention Expertise

Certified Fraud Examiners Member

Who Austin has worked with


About FraudFi: Safeguarding Your Company's Success

At FraudFi, we are dedicated to providing companies with the critical tools and support they need to identify, prevent, and mitigate financial crime risks. We specialize in developing a proactive approach to fraud prevention, utilizing data analytics and cutting-edge techniques to stay ahead of criminal activity.

We have general expertise in payment fraud, account takeover fraud, check fraud, synthetic identities, money laundering, insider fraud, use of stolen payment information, chargebacks management, credit master attacks, and Zelle fraud (P2P).

Whether it's expert advisory calls, tailored strategy development, or technical engagements, we are your trusted partner in the fight against financial crime. Let us empower your business with the security it needs to succeed and focus on growth, knowing that your assets are protected with FraudFi.

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